Cypress Bundled Tools

February 17, 2020

Cypress Bundled Tools

Cypress relies on many best-of-breed open source testing libraries to lend stability and familiarity to the platform


Cypress has adopted Mocha’s bdd syntax, which fits perfectly with both integration and unit testing. All of the tests you’ll be writing sit on the fundamental harness Mocha provides, namely:
• describe()
• context()
• it()
• before()
• beforeEach()
• afterEach()
• after()
• .only()
• .skip()

Additionally, Mocha gives us excellent async support. Cypress has extended Mocha, sanding off the rough edges, weird edge cases, bugs, and error messages. These fixes are all completely transparent.

Cypress Writing and Organizing Tests


While Mocha provides us a framework to structure our tests, Chai gives us the ability to easily write assertions. Chai gives us readable assertions with excellent error messages. Cypress extends this, fixes several common pitfalls, and wraps Chai’s DSL using subjects and the .should() command.

Cypress Chai Assertions


When writing integration tests, you will likely work a lot with the DOM. Cypress brings in Chai-jQuery, which automatically extends Chai with specific jQuery chainer methods.

Cypress Chai-jQuery Assertions


When writing unit tests, or even in integration-like tests, you often need to ability to stub and spy methods. Cypress includes two methods, cy.stub() and cy.spy() that return Sinon stubs and spies, respectively.

Cypress working with spies, stubs, and clocks


When working with stubs or spies you’ll regularly want to use those when writing Chai assertions. Cypress bundles in Sinon-Chai which extends Chai allowing you to writeassertions about stubs and spies.

Other Library Utilities

Cypress also bundles the following tools on the Cypress object. These can be used anywhere inside of your tests.
• Cypress._ (lodash)
• Cypress.$ (jQuery)
• Cypress.minimatch (minimatch.js)
• Cypress.moment (moment.js)
• Cypress.Blob (Blob utils)
• Cypress.Promise (Bluebird)