Why Gatsby Chose Cypress

February 11, 2020

E2E tests are now part of the acceptance criteria in Gatsby.

34:15 Cypress, Gatsby, and CircleCI demo : E2E test example with Using Gatsby Image
54:08 Q&A

npm trends cypress vs selenium

  • Why Gatsby chose Cypress
    • Closer to browser
    • The right level of indirection / sugar
    • Reliable CI runs
    • Crazy good DX (Developer eXperience)

Make it work, make it right, make it fast

  • How Gatsby used E2E tests to increase pull-request acceptance velocity
  • How to write Cypress tests for Gatsby React components
  • How to run tests in CircleCI
  • How to utilize the Cypress Dashboard and its GitHub Integration to optimize your CI workflow

Slides : https://cypress.slides.com/amirrustam/cypress-gatsby-confidently-fast-web-development?token=j75arKxD#/

Code : https://github.com/DSchau/gatsby-example-cypress-circleci